Heart for Mongolia aims to meet the wishes of the local population in Bayan-Ulgi through support in the field of:

Healthcare: by providing requested medical instruments and facilities for local hospitals until we reach a level where everyone has access to an acceptable level of health care

Education: by providing study materials, support the study of students in remote areas. The foundation also supplies things like blankets, toys and the like for the many children who stay at boarding schools. Heart for Mongolia also organizes volunteers who come to teach on location and supports ongoing projects with a similar goal. With the aim that every child has access to a thorough basic education and thus contribute to the future potential of the children of the nomads, 

Agriculture: by financing and realizing vegetable greenhouses and animal shelters in collaboration with other organizations (including Source or Steppenomads).

Economy: by facilitating and developing a market for local products (such as Mongolian handicrafts and tapestries), made by people from the population with a social disadvantage (such as single mothers and widows). Products are sold for a fair price and thus contribute to economic independence. 

On location and in consultation with both the local NGO Source of Steppenomads and the Dutch NGO VriendenvandesteppenomadenMongolia, the next steps to be taken and whether the target area should be relocated or expanded.

At all times, thorough analysis takes place in relation to the current request for help. What is needed and in what order of priority? It will be continuously verified whether intended goals have been achieved.